Sandesh Kumar

sudo yum update
sudo yum install ruby
sudo yum install wget

bucket-name is the name of the Amazon S3 bucket that contains the CodeDeploy Resource Kit files for your region. region-identifier is the identifier for your region. For example, for the US East (Ohio) Region, replace bucket-name with aws-codedeploy-us-east-2 and replace region-identifier with us-east-2. For a list of bucket names and region identifiers, see Resource kit bucket names by Region.

chmod +x ./install

To install the latest version of the CodeDeploy agent:

sudo ./install autosudo service codedeploy-agent status



The end-of-life for Amazon Linux AMI standard support is December 31, 2020, and customers are encouraged to upgrade their applications to use Amazon Linux 2, which includes long-term support through 2023.

Please follow below steps to install Apache, PHP & MySQL

Install apache

sudo yum update -y

sudo yum install -y httpd httpd-tools mod_ssl

sudo systemctl start httpd

sudo systemctl enable httpd

Install php 7.4

sudo amazon-linux-extras | grep php

sudo amazon-linux-extras enable php7.4

sudo yum clean metadata

sudo yum install php php-common php-pear -y

sudo yum install php-{cgi,curl,mbstring,gd,mysqlnd,gettext,json,xml,fpm,intl,zip}

Install mysql 5.7

sudo rpm -Uvh

sudo yum install mysql-community-server -y

sudo systemctl enable mysqld

sudo systemctl start mysqld